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Calling All Bingo Enthusiasts: Must-try Games for 2023

Rate this Article If you're a bingo enthusiast, here are a few must-try games in 2023! Online Bingo Games - Calling All Bingo Enthusiasts: Must-try Games for 2023

The great thing about games such as online bingo is that you can play them with your friends, relatives, and colleagues, regardless of your geographic location. You can even invite people you don't know to play and play with people from all over the world!

There are many options other than bingo that offer a similar online gaming experience for when you want to explore other options. Here are some of the best options for 2023:

Zombies and vampires

Zombies and Vampires is a free-to-play game that you can play with friends or strangers. It's available on your phone, computer, and browser, so you can play anywhere!

The game has two main modes: Zombie mode and Vampire mode. In Zombie mode, one person starts off as the zombie and tries to infect other players by biting them. If you get bitten, then you become a zombie yourself! You'll have fun trying to infect everyone else before they infect you!

Vampire mode is different than Zombie mode because vampires are not dead yet, so they don't need brains but instead drink blood to make them stronger than regular humans.

It's basically the same as bingo, except you're trying to get three squares in a row instead of just one. The only difference is that you need to do it while avoiding being eaten by zombies!

Blackjack Online Multiplayer

If you’ve never played before, blackjack is a card game where players try to beat the dealer's hand by getting closer to 21 than the dealer without going over. The player and the dealer receive two cards with one face up. Players have three options: Hit to play another card, Stand to end their turn, or Split if they have two cards of equal value. Once all players decide, whoever holds the best combination wins.

Playing online is thrilling, especially with other live players at your tables. Some websites even offer live dealers who deal with the cards in real time and work your table over the internet to make things more realistic.

You can find the best blackjack and other card games or online slots at an online casino. If you love online blackjack, try the slots because they’re a lot of fun too. Simply read reviews about the best online casino for slots and find the best deposit bonus and various games to choose from.

Spite and Malice

Spite and Malice is a card game similar to bingo, but instead of balls being drawn, players are tasked with trying to match cards. It can be played by up to eight people at once and has several different gameplay variations.

The game can be played on a computer or mobile device and has become popular among bingo lovers. If you know some of the best bingo strategies, some of that sort of logic should carry over and make you better at Spite and Malice!

Down The House Craps Game

Down The House Craps Game is a card game that two to six people can play. It's a bit like bingo, but instead of filling in squares on a board, you’re trying to get certain patterns on your cards.

To set up the game, shuffle all the cards and then deal out five cards to each player. You can use multiple decks if you want. After everyone has their hand dealt, pick someone who will start first. This person will flip over their first card from left to right until they see one that matches either theirs or another player's hand. For example, if there were two diamonds showing in another player's hand earlier. If they find this during the process, then whoever gets matched wins!


There are many great online games to play with your friends, family, and colleagues that offer a variety of benefits. The ones we have listed here are just a few of the many options you can choose from.

If fact, if you love bingo, you should look into some card games, games of chance, and strategy games from websites all over the world! These days, there’s such a huge variety that you should literally never have to get bored again if you’re an online game lover.

Best of luck, and happy online gaming!

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