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FIFA 23: 6 Football Rules That Are Not in the Game

Rate this Article FIFA is the most famous football game in the world. There are dozens of licensed championships and thousands of players in the EA Sports game, and the picture from afar is easy to confuse with a real match. Online Bingo Games - FIFA 23: 6 Football Rules That Are Not in the Game

In terms of content complexity, this game is much easier than, for example, World of Warcraft or Destiny 2, but it has its own difficulties. For example, in order to assemble a cool football team, a player needs to devote a lot of time to the game in order to earn in-game currency. This currency is fut coins. Many players prefer to turn to boosting companies to get currency without effort, for example, many gamers buy fifa coins SkyCoach. This is a legal service that will make the game easier and allow you to enjoy the gameplay.

Some football rules aren't in FIFA 23

But the rules of footsim are slightly different from the real ones. We tell you what subtleties of football were lost during the transfer to a video game.

Hand game

Handball is one of the most controversial football rules. It is constantly being finalized and studied on repetitions, but the controversy of the fans does not stop. In FIFA 23, this rule is formal and disabled by default in all modes.

Why is there no handball rule in FIFA competitive modes? The answer is on the surface. Footsim has only recently achieved stable player physics on the field, but in some situations, errors occur: the ball passes through parts of the body, the arms and legs of the players do not bend correctly, and ricochets are unpredictable. Another important mechanic is auto-blocks, which actively block blows in the last parts of the series. If handball fouls are included, it will ruin matches with random penalties and send-offs.

A free kick inside the box

In football games, a free kick within the penalty area is an uncommon visitor. It is designated for "human" infractions for which there is no punishment, such as the goalie touching the ball with his hands following a deliberate pass backward or a risky play. Players often play a brief combination with the ball rolled back to a partner because free kicks on goal are forbidden.

In FIFA 23, there aren't any such free kicks. The referee will always give a penalty kick for a foul committed within the penalty area. The assignment of a free kick for an unsportsmanlike game is disallowed since algorithms quantitatively process any challenging conditions on the pitch and because bots do not cheat. In footsim, there is no such thing as a "dropped ball" for the same reason. The participants would become enraged if random, non-sporting incidents occurred during the game.

Playing the ball in the penalty area

In recent years, coaches have grown fond of the short rally. In the spring of 2019, a rule came into effect that allowed players to take the ball near the goal. Defenders with a good pass often come into the penalty area, and sometimes into the goalkeeper's area - they start attacks after a formal touch on the goalkeeper.

In FIFA 23, the mechanics are poorly implemented. Defenders are called by hand, they don't go low enough, and there is simply no tricky play with the goalkeeper. In the last part, the camera is tightly glued to the keeper's back and does not allow looking around, so most fifers knock the ball out the old-fashioned way - with a strong blow to the center of the field.

Foul of last resort

In the last decade, the foul-of-last-resort rule has been relaxed. Violations when going one on one to the penalty area are punishable by a red card, and in the penalty area, the situation is easier. If a player does not take the ball out of the goal with his hands, lacks an opponent, and plays the ball unsuccessfully, he will receive only a yellow card for a foul.

EA Sports has not worked out these important details of the football rules. For obvious failures of scoring attacks in front of the penalty area, yellow cards are often given, and inside, it is easy to run into a red one. This usually refers to tackles from the side with the intention of playing the ball. But for light unsportsmanlike pushes of the opponent with the help of the defender's selection button, they are unlikely to be removed.

Playing FIFA is amazing

VAR repeats

The erroneous decisions of the referees have long tormented football fans. In 2018, the famous video assistant referee (VAR) technology was introduced, which significantly reduced the number of errors. The system is constantly being improved, but so far, it works to check for goals, offsides, and direct removals.

There have always been replays in FIFA, so the innovation did not cause a stir. Some frames are tagged with VAR even though they don't match her actual mechanics. In Football Manager, the technology is better implemented. After the goal, the inscription of watching the video is displayed, and the referee runs to the monitor and makes a decision. However, this is a very annoying mechanic. Verbatim following the rule is like a crutch and slows down the gameplay.

Additional replacement

The long-standing rule of additional substitution for head injuries in real football has never been implemented in a sports simulator. Player injury has always been a problem, especially in the early stages of the game when your lineup is far from ideal. There is a tense match, your team is losing. You bring in new players to strengthen problem areas, but then an important player's head injury occurs, and there is nothing you can do. It would be nice if the developers improved this game parameter.

Of course, all these rules are absent in the FIFA 23 game for objective reasons. Mainly for the time being, they are difficult to implement technically. However, in the future, fans of the game may be able to see them in the game because technology develops every year.

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