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Gambling Sites Not on GamStop – Risky or Innovative?

Rate this Article Are websites not on GamStop safe? Would it be ok to play in one? Let's weigh our options and look at the pros and cons: Online Bingo Games - Gambling Sites Not on GamStop – Risky or Innovative?

If you are looking to freshen things up when it comes to online casino games, then gambling sites not on GamStop are for you. These platforms offer all sorts of innovative games for exciting developers. For those people still using GamStop casinos, you will likely not be aware of just some of the amazing advancements and cool features that are not available in the market.

GamStop sites are heavily curtailed when it comes to the types of games that they are able to offer, which is why it can take a long time for new types of games and features to reach these offerings. This article will look at the various ways in which non-GamStop casinos are constantly innovating.

How does GamStop Work?

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GamStop is a not-for-profit organization that offers a powerful self-exclusion tool for UK players. If someone has a problem with their gambling and they want to quickly block themselves from using all licensed sites in the UK, they can do so through GamStop.

These self-exclusion periods are for six months, one-year, or five years. Once you are signed up for self-exclusion, then there is no getting out of it until the period finishes. GamStop works very closely with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) – the chief regulator for gambling in the region.

Every casino site that has a UKGC license will have to be a part of GamStop. The regulator uses GamStop to help it implement its increasing number of restrictions on casino operators. These days, you can no longer add funds to a casino account with a credit card, spin speeds are significantly slower, and you are often curtailed by small betting limits.

How Sites Not on GamStop are Regulated

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Just because gambling sites not on GamStop do not hold a UKGC license, this doesn’t mean they won’t be licensed elsewhere. Most of these platforms will be subject to the oversight of some other gambling regulators, whether it is the Curacao authorities or the Malta Gaming Authority. Therefore, you know that these casino operators have to answer to someone.

Most non-GamStop sites will also make sure to utilize top-quality encryption to keep the data of their players safe. Secure payment options are offered, in addition to games getting thoroughly tested for fairness. Responsible gambling tools and self-exclusion are also usually offered through these types of platforms.

When considering selecting a non-UK gambling site, be sure to check reliable sources to ensure they have a good reputation. This can be done by conducting a google search, visiting gambling forums, or reading reviews from real players at or similar sites.

Are Casinos not on GamStop legal to play at?

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No law blocks you from using sites not registered with GamStop. UK players have the freedom to use any online gambling sites as they please. This means that you have a lot of choices in this regard. If there is any question of illegality when it comes to a gambling site, then the operator will have to deal with any consequences. The players will not run into any issues in this regard.

It is vital that problem gamblers do not use non-GamStop casinos in order to get around their self-exclusion with GamStop. Only those people who are disciplined and have complete control over their gambling should be looking at these types of casino accounts.

What to Expect at Non-UK Casinos

If you are on the search for a fresh gaming experience where you can get access to the latest innovations, then look no further than gambling sites not on GamStop. These platforms go above and beyond what GamStop sites offer in so many ways.

You will usually have access to a much larger library of games. Many developers you might not have heard of before will be providing games. This brings with it great innovations, exciting gameplay features, and fewer restrictions on betting sizes. A lot of UK casino sites just offer the same old games from one another.

Non-UK casinos also offer more extensive payment options, such as numerous cryptocurrencies and the ability to use credit cards. Verification checks are also much less intrusive, while bonuses are often bigger and better. If you are looking for a sense of freedom and access to the up-and-coming trends in the online casino space, then you will have come to the right place with non-GamStop sites.

Sports Betting Sites Not on GamStop

Sports betting is another area of gambling that is covered by platforms that are not curtailed by GamStop. These sites bear a lot of the same benefits as their casino counterparts. Betting limits are greater and you often get access to special bonuses that are unlike anything you have seen before.

Nearly every sport under the sun will be supported with extensive markets. The odds on offer will be competitive and you can get access to tons of great payment options.

GamStop Sites vs Casinos Not on GamStop

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In order to make an informed decision about whether you should stick with UK-licensed casinos or go with the more expansive alternative, you can check out the pros and cons of the two options. This can paint a clearer picture in your head as to which is going to be the best option.

GamStop Casinos

· Licensed by a respected regulator
· Players are fully protected
· GBP is always an available currency option
· Plenty of support for problem gamblers
· Many notable brands operate in the UK market

· Restrictive betting limits
· No transactions allowable via credit card
· Curtailments on many people game features

Non-GamStop Casinos

· Usually licensed elsewhere and offers self-exclusion
· Huge game libraries
· Wide variety of developers providing exciting games
· Bonuses are very often bigger and easier to cash out
· Much bigger range of payment methods

· GBP might not always be an accepted currency
· Consumer protection not as good


Both types of casino sites have their own respective merits. Once you are aware of what it means to choose one type of casino platform over the other, you can be confident in your decision. GamStop sites always do their best to protect problem gamblers, but this can sometimes get in the way of innovation and exciting game opportunities.

Gambling sites not on GamStop usually also look after payers, while not having restrictions. Regardless of what method of online gambling you decide to enjoy, always remember to gamble responsibly.

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