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Having Fun with Bingo in Finland

Rate this Article Bingo in Finland is a favorite pastime - the Finns love the game and almost always have fun with it! Online Bingo Games - Having Fun with Bingo in Finland

Bingo is not new in Finland. The Finns have been playing this game even before 1969, when the first bingo hall was established in Kiekko 67 in Turku. Since then, more halls came up in different locations even as enthusiasm for the game rose and fell. Northern Finland got the biggest share of these bingo halls, so that in Oulu, the eight that you will find there are more in proportion to the population of this city than any other place. Today, there are 120 bingo halls in the country, most of which still retain the old style of gaming.

Things have changed over time now because of the disruption caused by the advancement of technology. Even though you will still find these 70s style bingo halls in Finland, more people are embracing online bingo to keep up with the times. Online sites are only making this easier for younger players by introducing mobile gambling. Now, younger Finns don’t have to wait until they are physically at a place where they can silently play this much-loved game when they can simply whip out their phones and get their game on.

Bingo in Finland

So, how do you maximize the amount of fun you can have when playing bingo? Here are four things you may want to incorporate into your game.

Bingo Themed Parties

Two things that you can always count on to go well together are food and games. When you have people coming together, and the weather is just perfect for some games after a nice meal, why not make that game bingo? Serve some Lakka and Sima or non-alcoholic drinks of choice and then find ways to make them about bingo. You could also make dessert options shaped in the name itself to be served just before you start playing. Games after food and drinks are the perfect way to bond.

Make it Competitive

If you have a group of friends over and are playing this game, you could entice the participants by making the prices irresistible. Most of the time, a game against friends doesn’t involve money, so why not make it about other things that may be more interesting? The winner could have their errands run by the losing team, or they could go for outdoor activities. You could even make it a drinking game so that each loss leads to some people downing some drinks. When the stakes are high, suddenly everyone remembers to bring their A-game, which makes things more interesting.

Make your Own Rules

Rules; they are made to be bent, right? So, you could decide to play a game of your choice and rules instead of what comes in the box. For instance, create your own cards that look nothing like the usual. Then, switch things up a little to, say, four corners, blackout, diagonal, and one column. You could even have food as markers and change the title of the cards to your favourite songs. In short, change everything that reminds you of regular ol’ bingo and play a game that everyone will forget. While doing so, you will have fun and create memories.

Swap Cards and Seats

No one said that you have to remain in the same seat until the game session is done. If you are unafraid to take someone else’s place and take over their game, you may be setting yourself up for some good fun. This is not typically how the game is played, and so it makes it more interesting by creating suspense. Nothing’s better than doing something whose results are not guaranteed. Swapping cards randomly keeps people on their toes. You could also all have a laugh at how your luck changes each time you swap cards.

Most of all, Have Fun!

Bingo is an easy game that not only brings back memories to older Finns but also brings together people during good times. We could all use some silly fun each time we get together. The game is still popular in the country, either as it was traditionally played in halls or the current state where players congregate online. When you can make the time to play it with loved ones, it wouldn’t hurt to introduce some twists here and there.

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