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Is There a Way to Tell When a Slot Machine will Hit?

Rate this Article Is there a way for you to know when that magical moment is about to come? Online Bingo Games - Is There a Way to Tell When a Slot Machine will Hit?

Imagine this. You place a bet on a slot machine and click play. After a few seconds, the machine starts to produce funny sounds. Lights flicker on and off and the spins suddenly slow down. Winning symbols form and your bet is multiplied a thousand times.

It’s every slot player’s dream. You want to win big even if it means bankrupting the house. But is it possible? Can you tell when a slot machine will hit?

Yes, if you hack the Machine

In 2017, a Russian hacker named Alex came out to tell his story of winning at all sorts of slots machines. A former businessman in his hometown of St. Petersburg, Alex wanted to earn more money than he did. He was a talented reverse engineering programmer and so he invested his talents in messing up RNG software.

For the uninitiated, RNG refers to random number generator, the algorithm used to randomize slot winners. Alex and his team usually targeted vulnerable slots machines. Using his skills, he was able to determine when a machine will lean in favor of players.

Of course, the hacker was too smart to do the dirty work. Alex’s team members visited the vulnerable machines and placed bets when instructed to. On a good week, the team made up to $250,000 per week.

Unfortunately, the team didn’t operate without challenges. While Alex fancied himself to be a modern Robin Hood, taking away money from casinos to help common folk, the US government thought otherwise. Several of his men have already been apprehended and the federal government is after him.

No, Playing Modern Slots

Gaming technology has experienced a dramatic improvement in the last twenty years. Casinos no longer hire individual developers to fix buggy machines. In fact, most online casinos get their games from licensed developer companies.

Modern slots also don’t have known seed numbers anymore. Thanks to technological improvement, the seed numbers that determine winners are unknown to anyone. This means that not even a veteran hacker can compromise a good slot machine.

Because most slots you’ll come across are solidly secure, the best way to win playing modern slots is to find big paying slots. These are slots that pay much higher amounts than average games. They may also feature random jackpots and multipliers to increase your bet sizes.

While an average paying slot will pay you 100 times your bet size, a high paying slot could multiply your bet size by up to 10,000 times. If you're also lucky to hit multiplier features, you could win up to $200,000 from a small bet. There is a catch to playing these games though. You risk a substantial amount of money in every bet.

Yes, if you programmed the Machine

Back in the 90s, a respected programmer named Ronald Harris used his reputation to steal thousands from slots machines. Before going rogue, Ronald was the go-to guy for casinos that wanted to fix something on their slot machines.

He would be called to fix flaws on slots’ software, especially online casinos. By the mid-90s, Ronald had accessed so many slots’ source codes that he got crazy ideas. He began to modify them so that he could predict when a slot hit.

Like Alex, he had a partner in crime. In cooperation, the duo swindled casino thousands of dollars in a three-year span. In the late 90s, Ronald then shifted his focus toward Keno. Together with his partner, Ronald made thousands of dollars from Keno. The two were later apprehended, with Ronald landing seven years in jail.

No, Playing Slingo

Slingo is the hybrid of slot and bingo. First released in New Jersey in 1994, Slingo games can now be found in many online casinos. They’re easy to play and combine the main elements of bingo and slot machines.

Slingo is played in a 5-reel video machine. Like bingo, only one space is visible. Most games allow players to make 20 spins. After each spin, certain numbers appear on the game. You can then cross them off your card if they don't form a winning line.

Most Slingo games also use a point system to reward players, which is how you're able to beat competitors. Let's say you earn 200 points by marking off horizontal cards. You get 1000 points when a symbol appears after a spin. At the end of a Slingo competition, the winner is whoever accumulated the most points.

Like modern slots, there are ways to better your odds of winning but you can't predict when symbols appear. Power-ups, for example, are types of bonuses that multiply your points. Some games also allow you to save multipliers and use them to maximize points.

Yes, Playing Flawed Slots

This is a double-edged sword. In the past, there have been cases where online slots experience technical errors and started paying out at predictable spans of time. In one bizarre case, an online casino was forced to pay out thousands of dollars after the same group of players hit winning bets multiple times within the same period.

In a different case, a woman sued a casino $43 million after the house refused to pay her jackpot wins for one reason: it was an error. Worse, the casino acted like nothing had happened and tried to console the woman with a complimentary dinner.

Unfortunately, the case didn’t end well for the woman. A New York court and the New York State Gaming Commission both confirmed her win was the result of a massive error. Wins displayed as a result of a malfunction cannot be paid, leaving the woman and her lawyer with lots of unanswered questions.

To Conclude

Can you know when an online slot will hit? This is impossible on today’s secure slots games. Backed by the most advanced security, even casinos don’t know when a game will hit. Only luck can help you win. You can better your winning odds by picking good slots, especially high paying slots games. Even if you risk more money than low paying games, the potential to win is higher.

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