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RTG and Microgaming: More Than Two Decades Developing Slots

Rate this Article RTG and Microgaming are two online gambling software developers who pioneered online gambling experiences. They’ve brought forth slot games to online gamblers for almost two decades, and it seems they won’t be stopping any time soon. Online Bingo Games - RTG and Microgaming: More Than Two Decades Developing Slots

Ever since the internet became a mainstay in almost everyone’s lives, people conceptualized its many possible applications. Sharing information, shared gaming experiences, and streaming was all a dream back then, but today, they’re all completely normal.

With that said, gambling and online slots are in the boat: who knew back then that you could gamble in the comfort of your home? It’s now a commonplace thing, and, of course, this isn’t possible without the vision, creative minds, and expertise of the people behind Realtime Gaming (or RTG) and Microgaming. These two companies are pioneers in delivering online slot machine games and other online experiences to players remotely.

If you check out various operators on the official USGS website, you’ll see that most of them have titles from the abovementioned developers. The next time you start playing slots, you might end up wondering how these two online slots trailblazers started. So, let’s take a look at their track record and what you, as a player, would want to know.

Track record and trustworthiness

RTG Slots games

RTG and Microgaming have spent more than a couple of decades developing online slots for many online casinos. They’ve developed a reputation for creating fun and aesthetically pleasing titles and are well-known in online gambling circles for their trustworthiness. For example, Microgaming paid out a total of €1.2 billion ($1.43 billion) in their many years of existence.

A plethora of slot machine games

Both RTG and Microgaming offer a wide selection of online slots games and other casino titles. Some of RTG’s popular slot games include Caesar’s Empire, Lucha Libre, and Basketbull. Meanwhile, Microgaming has a staggeringly massive library, including the new Sherlock and Moriarty and rather old games like Lots a Loot and Mega Moolah, which were released in 2004 and 2006, respectively.

So yes, if you opt to play any of their games, it’s like diving into an experience crafted by practiced professional hands. Apart from slots, they also create staple casino titles like roulette, bingo, poker, and baccarat. These games are perfect if you’d like to try out something different.

Onward into the future

Microgaming's VR roulette

Both RTG and Microgaming recognize that even if you are a pioneer in the gaming industry, there’s a need to innovate and keep up with the trends. Video games, in general, today lean towards mobile experiences, and both companies have worked towards this. Microgaming was the first to develop a mobile casino software way back in 2004, while RTG’s most popular games have mobile versions and are compatible on smartphones and tablets.

Aside from slots, both companies look at future trends and integration with new technology. Notably, Microgaming is working on interactive games with a real-life host (recorded video). In addition, they’re also looking into virtual reality. With that in mind, it wouldn’t be farfetched to say that you could explore a virtual casino as an online social space, much like VR Chat.

Overall, both RTG and Microgaming are two big fishes that dominate a highly competitive pond. They’re trendsetters and innovators in the gaming space, developing revolutionary online slots games and even looking forward into the future by integrating new technology into their creations. It’s safe to say we’ll see more of them in the decades to come, doing what they do best.

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