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There’s a Website for Cat and Bingo Lovers

Rate this Article Some people like cats; some people like bingo - some people like both! Online Bingo Games - There’s a Website for Cat and Bingo Lovers

Some people love cats. Some people love online bingo. Now there’s a dedicated site for people who love both and it’s called Kitty Bingo.

Kitty Bingo is as much about community as it is about online bingo. It doesn’t have a large number of games, but it makes up for this with a unique cat theme and friendly chat rooms where players can talk about their common love for cats and bingo.

The online bingo world has seen plenty of innovative trends in recent years as bingo sites try to differentiate themselves from one another. We’ve seen bingo combined with sports betting, bingo combined with slots, and recently we’ve even seen bingo combined with poker. Now it’s the turn of our feline friends to join forces with bingo.

If you already spend a good portion of your day looking at cat memes on social media (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?!), then why not take that interest further and join the world’s only cat-themed bingo site?

An Overview of Kitty Bingo

Increasingly, bingo sites are understanding that it’s about the quality rather than the number of their bingo games. The makers of Kitty Bingo certainly understand the importance of quality bingo games. That’s why they’ve unveiled a site with just six unique bingo rooms based on their own proprietary software. Each of Kitty Bingo’s bingo games will have its players purring in delight.

There’s a Website for Cat and Bingo Lovers

At Kitty Bingo, you’ll find classic games like 75-ball bingo, 90-ball bingo and niche games like Turbo Bingo and Swedish 5 Line Bingo. The game starts from as little as 1p per ticket, which is cheaper than a packet of catnip for your feline friend.

In addition to bingo games, Kitty Bingo also offers access to a range of slots, scratch games, and virtual casino games from third-party developers. This includes games from top manufacturers like NetEnt and Microgaming, developers of some of the most popular games in the online casino world.

Building a Bingo Community

Bingo sites tend to be more community-focused than other online gambling sites such as casinos and sportsbooks. Traditionally, bingo is played in bingo halls where people socialize over a good game or bingo of two. Online bingo sites have done their best to transport that community aspect to their platforms with the use of forums and chat rooms.

Kitty Bingo certainty recognizes the importance of community, with chat rooms attached to each of the six bingo rooms. This way, players can chat about their favorite cats while playing a bingo game or two. Kitty Bingo also has popular Facebook and Twitter pages just in case players want to take the cat/bingo-themed conversation to social media.

What Will Bingo Sites Think of Next?

All these new bingo themes have got us wondering what bingo sites will think of next. Could we see a bingo site for dog lovers, bingo site for horse lovers, or bingo site for lovers of other animals? Given the way the bingo world is heading, it’s probably only a matter of time before we see bingo sites based on all these popular animals.

Online bingo has exploded in popularity in recent years, giving bingo developers an incentive to constantly think of new themes. With new bingo sites popping up on an almost weekly basis, it’s only a matter of time till there’s a new online bingo platform based on your favorite hobby or interest.

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