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Slot Machine Myths

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Dispelling some of the most common and popular slot machine myths. Online Bingo Spiele - Slot Machine Myths

Thanks to the Internet, users now have access to various information, including not always verified and reliable. In particular, this also applies to slot machines, which managed to acquire myths and untrue statements. So, let’s find out what myths about slot machines should not be trusted.

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The most popular slot machines myth

The vast majority of players are confident that winning strategies exist during the game on slot machine. In practice, it turns out that this is nothing more than a fiction, because even software developers are not able to create a win-win strategy. Slot machines operate on the principle of a random number generator (RNG), using special MD5 algorithms, so it’s unrealistic to win by acting on a pre-agreed action plan. All slot machine games issue randomized winnings, you cannot predict them.

Equally common myths about gambling

Happy hour. According to this myth, winning combinations occur at certain intervals. In fact, this is not so, because setting up slot machines and a return coefficient for a specific time is not possible due to the operation of the same random number generator;

Strongly pressed button. A sharp clamping of the button does not affect the gain in any way, because the generation of winning combinations occurs in random order;

The lack of winnings on a particular slot indicates that the jackpot will be drawn soon. This statement is fundamentally wrong, because the jackpot, like the prize chains themselves, fall out randomly and are controlled by a random number generator;

All machines have the casino advantage. Reconfiguration of slots in favor of a gaming establishment is impossible due to the installation of a special protective algorithm;

The size of the win depends on the number of reels. Practice shows that in developments with a minimum number of reels it is much easier and more realistic to win a large amount of money. You can verify this by connecting logic and resorting to simple mathematical calculations.

The myth that there are "cold" and "hot" slot machines also has nothing to do with reality. It is wrong to say that if a win in a slot has not been won for a long time, it will become "warmed up" and soon will give you a jackpot. And vice versa: the slot machine that has just presented the jackpot to the lucky winner will not give any more winning combinations for a long time. All this is not true, because slots work on the basis of the RNG principle.

The only advice that you need to follow and not trust the myths is to study the strategies of the slots, the effective tips of other users, and their feedback, which you can read online on various gambling resources. By this way, you will understand which platforms you need to play and which to completely ignore

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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