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Top 5 Bingo Games on Facebook

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Here are the top 5 games on Facebook that lets you play classic Bingo. Online Bingo Spiele - Top 5 Bingo Games on Facebook

In every genre there’s always a list of games that trump every other game there is in that particular game market. In Facebook alone, there is a host of Bingo games that you can play.

Now, it can be very daunting to sample each and every game there is in what is arguably the world’s most popular social media website. If you have the time, then, yes, go ahead and give them all a try. However, don’t you think it would be best if you are led to what the top 5 of those games are so you won’t have to look at each and every one of them?

To help you out with that, we’re presenting to you the top 5 games on Facebook that lets you play classic Bingo.

Let’s begin with Super Bingo HD.

As its name suggests, the game presents itself to you in full high-definition graphics. The imagery are super-crisp, and highly detailed. This is a plus especially to those that are picky about the quality of the visuals of the games they play. The numbers are easily read, so any person can play this even those that have slight eyesight problems.

The basic gameplay mechanics are here, but, instead of waiting for you to win a game before they issue your coins, the game automatically gives you the in-game cash and reward that you win by daubing the numbers that have coins and other symbols underneath them.

Second, you might want to give Bingo Beach some time as well. This game prides itself with its super fast pace, making each session that you play very exciting. Not to mention the fact that the game takes its motif from beach volleyball: another icon of what one can really call as fun and exciting!

Bingo Beach is even available for tablets and mobile phones as well - it has the neat feature of limiting phone users to 2 cards at maximum. After all, phone screens are quite small and certainly could not accommodate four cards.

The third game on the list is Zynga Bingo. Coming from the studio that produced a couple of popular farm games, Zynga Bingo takes the studio’s take on fun gameplay and exciting challenges.

Take yourself out for a ride around the world in the exotic locations depicted in each room that you can play in. If you’re familiar with the developer’s games, you can even find rooms that pays homage to the previous non-Bingo games that Zynga has put out into the market.

As expected, you’ll find each room to be very different. They have their own wagering margins, their own payouts and risk for each player that decides to try their luck in them.

Number four - BamBam Bingo!

Let’s skip the gameplay mechanics, as it is similar to most other Bingo games on the market. Going ahead to what makes BamBam Bingo - it is the extensive roster of collectibles from the shop! In exchange for in-game cash, you can purchase exclusive goodies like emoticons and custom daubers to make each daub on the cards you own unique to you!

Finally, you have Gamepoint Bingo! This game gives you odds you haven’t encountered before when playing Classic Bingo. Did you know that you can bet in up to 9 cards here? You could share be generous and share Bingo credits with friends. They’ll be more than happy to return the favor!

What do these five games have in common? They have some of the most bustling communities in any Bingo game, or in any online game on Facebook in general. You could easily meet and meet friends in any of these games.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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