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होम गेम्स Bingo Crush
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Androidएप स्टोर बिन्गोCasino 2 डी Competitive
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Play an exciting game of Bingo in Bingo Crush.

Enjoy a huge variety of unique beautiful themed game rooms.

Play tournaments and take on players from all over the world.

Bingo Crush is a brilliant that brings the addicting game of Bingo to your devices. Travel the world, enjoy the festivals and enter epic tournaments game rooms in this amazing game. With brilliant graphics and game play, Bingo Crush brings forward a complete package of entertainment.

You get a huge variety of game rooms in Bingo Crush. If you like to travel the world, enter the game rooms based on themes from the most beautiful cities of the world. The game also includes festivals and holiday’s game rooms like Easter, Christmas and much more. Moreover, you also get to enjoy special tournament slots in the game that will never let you get bored.

The game play is quite simple and is exactly like traditional bingo games. All you have to do is choose your favorite game room and then select the number of cards you want to play with. You can play with a maximum of 4 cards at a time. The numbers are then announced as well as shown on top of the cards so that you can mark them conveniently on your cards. You will have to make a winning pattern by marking the numbers and then click Bingo to win points.

If you choose 4 cards, two cards will have the auto marking feature while you will have to manually mark the other two. Moreover, if you click on the bingo button before marking the winning pattern, you will lose that card during the game as a penalty.

Bingo Crush is a competitive game as it includes tournament game rooms too. You can play daily tournaments that feature three rounds. The players with the highest scores at the end of the rounds win the tournament and get huge rewards. You can also try the 1 vs 1 mode in which you will be competing against a random online player in a beautiful game room.

At the end of each bingo game, you get to open multiple chests with a certain number of keys that you can win through winning bingo games. These chests contain cool achievements and rewards that can help you unlock the coolest game rooms and can make the game play experience even more fun.

Bingo Crush features some really brilliant graphics and a really clean interface. The game rooms have been portrayed quite beautifully and the developers have done an excellent job with each theme in order to make it perfect. Moreover, the sound effects make the game even more enjoyable for the players.

Try out your luck in a classic game of Bingo with players from all over the world. Enjoy Bingo in beautiful game room themes based on the most beautiful cities of the world and the most decorated festivals. Play tournaments or enter in 1 vs 1 competition. Try out Bingo Crush today. Bingo Crush सारांश

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Senin, Maret 13, 2017

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Bingo Crush: Game Play Playing Bingo in Bingo Crush Bingo Crush: Marking the Numbers Play an exciting game of Bingo in Bingo Crush.

Enjoy a huge variety of unique beautiful themed game rooms.

Play tournaments and take on players from all over the world.
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