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Bingo Bash is a great take on the classic Bingo game.

Play Bingo on your Facebook or mobile phone.

Join millions who participate daily in this great and colourful Bingo game.

Bingo Bash is a simple, fun bingo game, choose from between 1 and 4 cards, the more cards that you play the higher your chance of a bingo. Each card uses a Bingo Bash Chip, so 4 cards would cost 4 chips.

Every time you dab a number you get experience, and a chance of winning coins, extra chips, or gems. After your first 3 dabs you get a power play spin, this can result in extra dabs, double payout, or gems dropping under a number. These gems can be traded in for extra chips or extra power plays. The power play will go on cooldown, but be available for 3 dabs again after 30 seconds.

There is the option to buy extra power plays, this is at the top of the screen and can be used at any time. With 4 cards in play, these extra power plays can give large bonuses, and help you win a Bingo.

There are also special objects that drop from under numbers, or that you can trade for. If you collect all the objects in a set, you can trade them in for free plays on that day. You can also buy some of the objects for coins, or ask your friends for them.

Every time you level, you will receive Chips, Coins and Power Plays. You can also buy coins and chips from Facebook for real money. The coins can be spent on in game items, such as a new dauber shape or extra power plays.

Bingo Bash is a really fun simple bingo game that gives you rewards in different ways, that all add something to the game experience and make it really enjoyable to play. Bingo Bash Riassunto